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Estanco Nº5 Marbella -Official Tobacco Shop-

iconos tabacoWelcome to Estanco 5 Marbella. We have everything related to the world of tobacco. We have a cigars humidor electronically controlled in humidity and temperature, cedar wood made to keep our cigars perfectly and offer an excellent service.

We are iQOS Official Reseller, we also have MyBluRELX Essential and VUSE electronic cigarettes, disposables Aroma King Bar, Brooklyn BalMY Pods, AnimalX, Lost Mary, Waka, Vapeyou By Elfbarand refillable liquids for vapers.

We are specialized in a wide variety of hookah or shisha and accessories. Wide selection of tobacco brands for shisha PREMIUM.

Swedish Snus & nicotine pouches, (Loop, Snatch, Dope, V&YOU Focus, General Cut Titanium, Göteborgs Rape White Dry, Thunder Frosted).

Stamps, postcards, the best personalized customer service.


"Spanish law does not allow selling tobacco online, only in stores"






National and international brands.



We have humidors with an electronic device to control humidity and temperature, made of cedar wood to keep cigars in perfect condition.

shisha hookah

Shishas or Hookah

We have a wide variety of shishas (Brands Aladín or Hookah Master) and accessories for bowls, hookah stoves, charcoal, etc. and the main brands of tobacco for hookah.

rolling tobacco

Rolling Tobacco

All kinds of brands, virginia, natural, organic, for rolling and tubing.

iqos marbella

IQOS Official Reseller

IQOS is the device that allows you to consume tobacco without combustion.

snus tobacco

Swedish Snus & Nicotine Pouches


IQOS Official Reseller

We are a point of sale for IQOS devices and accessories.

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  • If you're looking for a familiar design that comes with a cleaner and enhanced heated tobacco experience. IQOS ILUMA with SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ technology is the perfect fit. Upgrading from a previous IQOS device couldn't be simpler. No fire, no smoke and no ash.

Contact us

Tabacos Nº5 Marbella

(0034) 952822766
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Alonso de Bazán Street, 12
P.O.Box 29602, Marbella (Málaga)
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